Industrijska garažna vrata

The industrial sectional doors of the standard SI series have widths up to 7500 mm and heights up to 5500 mm. They can be supplied in the motorised or manual versions. These doors are manufactured with 42-mm-thick double pre-painted and galvanized plate panels, 0.45-mm insulation with high density polyurethane, internal and external finish with stucco embossing effect, the internal finish is white RAL 9010. The panels are also provided with internal reinforcement for secure fixing of hinges and side galvanized carriages. All doors are equipped with safety devices in the case of ropes or springs break. Available with the standard lintel of 450 mm or, on request, with partially or totally vertical sliding. Doors with widths of over 5500 mm have, in the standard version, oversize side boxes, double side carriages and sliding wheels with long shanks. Maximum achievable measurements: 7500x5500 mm.

Barve industrijskih garažnih vrat



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